Feb 1, 2007

Eating Healthy On Campus

by Heidi Ferguson

It's a new year and what does that mean?  Everyone resolves to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  Now this is a great resolution, but very hard to keep.  Why is it so hard to keep?  For one, here in Utah, February is not exactly prime "work-out" weather.  It's cold and snowy and could be dangerous for outdoor jogging with all the ice.  Most people want to just stay indoors and cozy up to some comfort food and watch a movie.  Another reason this New Year's resolution fails so frequently is because it is set to be a very broad, vague goal.  In order for you to truly stick to your resolution to lose weight, you need to set specific, reachable goals, such as lose two pounds each week by cutting out candy or work out for 20 minutes four times a week.  This is much easier to manage and remember than "lose weight."  However, another challenge that college students face is the lack of time for exercise and eating right.  Let's face it; it is so much easier to grab a calorie-packed bagel or greasy French fries when you're in the middle of a study crunch than to carefully measure portions and balance your diet with fruits, veggies and whole grains.  But BYU Dining Services offers many healthy alternatives located conveniently on campus, many of which you might not know about. 

L&T:  This little BYU original is located right in the heart of the Cougareat.  Most are familiar with their deliciously nutritious salads, wraps, soups and fruit bowls. 

Subway:  You can never forget that Jared lost two million pounds just by eating Subway sandwiches every day.  BYU sells Subway at the restaurant in the Cougareat, the Grab-N-Go (also located in the Cougareat) and the Marketplace Café. 

Museum Café:  This gem can be easily forgotten when thinking of places to eat, but next time you need a healthy and gourmet meal, head over to the Museum of Art and go upstairs to the café.  They offer foods like the Greek salad, Oriental salad, turkey harvest croissant sandwich, vegetable focaccia sandwich and much more. 

BYU Vending:  With vending machines in nearly every BYU building, BYU Vending has stocked several of its machines with healthy snacks such as yogurt, granola bars, fruit and fresh sandwiches. 
Marketplace Café:  For all of you business majors or others living in the Tanner building, you have to be aware of the Marketplace Café.  Located on the third floor atrium, the Marketplace offers breakfast and lunch with a large selection of healthy sandwiches, paninos, salads and quesadillas.  They also sell Subway sandwiches.

Legends Grille:  Legends Grille is one of BYU Dining Service's proudest achievements:  offering a place for students, faculty and staff and, of course, athletes to get delicious and healthy meals.  Legends Grille offers a variety of menu items, all made fresh.  And it's very easy to customize your order with a huge selection of sides.

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