Dec 1, 2007

Serrated Peeler

This month's featured kitchen gadget is the Serrated Peeler.

This wondrous peeler is much more than meets the eye. At first glance, you might think, 'this looks like a regular peeler!' but when you carefully rub your finger across the blade and feel the defined sharp grooves, you discover the potential that lies within this extraordinary utensil. (Don't cut yourselves... be careful!)

The serrated peeler has teeth on the blade that grip and rip those stubborn skins off of fruits and vegetables. Use this for tomatoes, potatoes, peaches, even mangoes, making it ten times easier to peel whatever your heart desires. Look for extra features like a rubber grip and an adjustable blade for even more comfort and versatility.

The serrated peeler ranges in price from approximately $6.00 and up and may be found online or at most kitchen specialty stores.

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