Jan 1, 2008

Microplane Grater

The new gadget to get your hands on is the Microplane® grater. The company uses chemicals to make its tools much sharper than the average grater. The graters come in a variety of different sizes - from small to large, thin to wide, there is a grater for every kind of food. There are fine, medium, coarse and extra coarse blades. Don't fret about the price because items cost from $9 to $16 and will last much longer than a cheap grater from the grocery store. Three-piece sets are also available at $35 and up. These graters are perfect for slicing cheese, chocolate or even potatoes. Special zesters make cooking with nutmeg much easier. If you're not completely convinced yet, check out the "try-me" zester for only $1.99. Available at kitchen specialty stores or online at microplane.com, these items are definitely worth looking at.

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