Feb 1, 2008

Hearth Baked Pizza

Where: Legends Grille

What: Hearth Baked Pizza

Price: $5.45

Protein of your choice (chicken, ham, pepperoni, salmon, sausage, shrimp or steak), sauce of your choice (Alfredo, barbecue or traditional red) and unlimited toppings (variety of fresh garden vegetables)

Legends Grille is known for its delicious hearth baked pizzas, personalized to suit your taste. The cooks bake up whatever you choose for meat, sauce and toppings. We recommend the Hawaiian (pictured here) with traditional red sauce, ham, pineapple and plenty of cheese. Other favorites include chicken with barbecue sauce, pepperoni with mushrooms, Alfredo chicken or steak with peppers. Additional proteins cost $1.25 more. The pizzas are eight inches wide, so there's plenty to bring home for dinner. If you somehow saved room for more, there's even an apple dessert pizza to try.

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