Mar 1, 2008

Utensil Pot Clip

It's about time that someone came up with an invention to solve a common cooking dilemma: what to do with a sticky spoon? If you leave it in the pot, it may melt or interfere with cooking. If you place it on a plate or countertop, you've got to clean up that spot later on. And if you rest the spoon on a pasta box, the cardboard gets soggy and may stick to the spoon. The answer is simple: buy a utensil pot clip made by Trudeau™. These nifty gadgets clip on the side of a pot. Insert a spoon through the hole and it will hang above the pot, free from melting or dirtying an area. The silicone feet and handles on these clips prevent melting or overheating. Any excess liquid drips right back in to the pot. Best of all, you never forget where you put that spoon. These helpful tools can be found in a variety of colors: pink, red, yellow, blue, green or black. Check them out at Sur La Table at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, or look online. They run for about $7, but will definitely be worth it in the long run.

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