Jul 1, 2008

The Commons at the Cannon Center

by Natalie Mitts

The Commons at the Cannon Center provides a culinary experience with international flair. Though the building is located just a few feet away from its predecessor, the new facility is completely original. It's aesthetically pleasing inside and out with bright colors and an open atmosphere. The staff is professional and you feel more like you're eating in a high-end restaurant than on a university campus.

Now the food - that's where it gets really interesting. There are six unique stations inside the restaurant. The fusion area provides Mexican favorites and hot food like pizzas and casseroles. The exhibition station is where you'll find Italian pastas and delicious meat dishes. At the Euro kitchen, Eastern and Western cultures mix to provide filling entrees from the tandoori oven, wok or rotisserie. Stop by the salad and wraps station for a Thai noodle salad or bowl of couscous and vegetables. Be sure to check out the burgers and sandwiches hot off the grill. Don't forget to pass by the grainery for homemade breads and sweet desserts. You'll find a variety of cookies, cheesecakes, muffins, puddings, cakes and other mouth-watering treats. You'll eat better food for the price than any other buffet in town. Those freshmen living in Helaman Halls this fall will be sure be lucky to eat here every day.

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