Aug 1, 2008

Duck Feeding

For this back-to-school date idea, feed ducks at the pond on 400 East and 800 North. Bring a camera and record the experience with pictures and video. Try getting the ducks to catch the bread as you toss it up.
Next, it's time for dinner. Since September is ethnic foods month, try your hand at some homemade Thai or Indian food. Don't forget the naan (pictured here).
September is also national coupon month. To end the date, cut coupons, mix them up and put them into envelopes of 20 coupons each. Give each couple an envelope and a camera and send them to the grocery store. It's a twist on a picture scavenger hunt; each couple must take a photo of the product next to the corresponding coupon. The couple to take the most photos after 30 minutes is the winner.

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