Oct 1, 2008

The Blue Line Deli

by Natalie Mitts

The Blue Line Deli and Market is now open on the first floor of the new addition to the Tanner Building. At the Blue Line, it's New York style eating all the time. The name comes from the blue line of the subway in NYC, which runs through the financial district. BYU Dining Services decided to name the deli as such because it is located in our financial district - the Marriott School of Management in the Tanner Building.  This deli features NYC cheesecake, chili, sandwiches, soups, salads, sushi, pie a la mode and Nathan's famous hot dogs. There's also a market where customers can purchase drinks, fruit and a variety of snacks, including NYC style black and white cookies. While Utah has fry sauce, the Blue Line has NYC's own sauce. Students can purchase Marriott School memorabilia and even get a copy of The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. Since the setup is aimed at getting customers through fast, you can get your sandwich in a NYC minute.

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