Dec 1, 2008

By Natalie Mitts

Salad Hands

Make dishing up salad or pasta a bit easier with these serving hands. With one in each hand, you won't have to fight to get your salad on your plate. Toss your salad in half the time while spreading ingredients evenly throughout. These hands are sturdy and wide enough to keep all the croutons from cumulating on the bottom of the bowl. Don't waste any more time spinning pasta around a fork when you can use these serving hands instead. Though most salad hands are made out of bamboo (and come in either a light brown or cherry stain), others are available in clear glass, black metal or stainless steel. Some are flat on top (like the ones shown here), while others have thinner handles. They range from $7 to $20 and are sold at most kitchen supply stores.

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