Feb 2, 2009

Success Journals

by Ellen Wilson

MIX! has had articles on food journals where we've demonstrated the benefits they can have on your diet and lifestyle. In addition to a food journal, the next journal we suggest you keep is a success journal.

Choose a goal, or several goals, that you'd like to accomplish. Write out a list of when you'd like to reach this goal and the steps that will take you there. Be honest. Don't set a goal that you already know is insurmountable. Start small and work your way up. Reaching the steps along the way and recognizing your accomplishments is the main idea in this journal that tracks every success in your day.

 While journaling takes time that most of us have very little of, there are a few different directions to take your journal so it conforms to your lifestyle. If you're a techy individual, create a blog that you can work on while you're on your laptop. If you like to draw, find a sketchbook and illustrate your journal with doodles or pictures. A constantly on-the-go person should make sure their journal is small enough to carry around with them so they can write while they're riding the bus or waiting for class to start. Once you have the format secured, the key elements of this journal are being consistent and being honest. In this case, humility goes out the window; it's time to honestly assess your success.

Keep your eyes open. Anything you accomplish, even if it seems miniscule to you, could be a success. These are things such as finishing your English homework thirty minutes before you expected or making it to the gym three times in a week. In addition to daily successes, keep track of the actions that are leading you to your overall goals. This method of journaling assists in actively pursuing your goals by documenting the steps you're taking so you can visually see your accomplishments. It also serves as a daily reminder of what goals you're working towards.

The benefits of such a journal are numerous. Reading through entries will give you insight to yourself and help you discover what motivates you, where your skills lie, and where you are in your life. Taking the time to record your achievements, inspirations and goals will itself be a daily success.

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