Feb 1, 2009

Valentine's Candy Holder

Valentine's Candy Holder
This simple yet elegant Valentine will win over your sweetie or impress your friends - whoever you decide to give it to!  It is so simple to make and very affordable, so you can make dozens!

Lightweight patterned cardstock in a square shape
1-2 yards of ribbon
Glue or double-sided tape

1.  Fold the paper in half diagonally, unfold, and fold diagonally the opposite direction.
2.  Fold the paper in half vertically, unfold, then fold horizontally.
3.  Bring one corner so it lies on top of the opposite corner and tuck the remaining corners inside.
4.  Cut a heart shape out of the top of the non-creased sides.
5.  Slide the inside folds together, one behind the other.
6.  Secure the inside with tape or glue.
7.  Punch a hole in the middle and put the ribbon through.
8.  Fill with candy.
9.  Give to your Valentine's sweetheart!

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