Mar 1, 2009

The Commons at the Cannon Center

Where: The Commons at the Cannon Center

What: All you care to eat

Price: $7.75 (cash price) or $6.90 (signature card)

As much as you like from the Exhibition, Fusion, Euro Kitchen, Salad and Wrap, Grill and Grainery stations

The Commons at the Cannon Center offers a wide variety of options at every meal. Lunch options include enchiladas (pictured here), chicken parmesan, hamburgers, hot dogs, pot pies, chicken tenders, pasta, pizza, Navajo tacos, wraps, salads, fruit, sandwiches and lasagna. The grainery includes bread, waffles, muffins, ice cream, slushies, cookies, cakes, pie, rice krispy treats, cheesecakes, tarts and pudding. This one-stop eatery has everything you need for a filling midday meal. Not just for freshmen, the Commons offers a unique atmosphere with many different seating areas.

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