Mar 2, 2009

Four for Under Five

by Ellen Wilson

College. A noun typically synonymous with "low-income," "broke," and "strapped for cash." While you can get a meal at the Cougareat without breaking the bank, here are four campus dining locations outside of the Cougareat where you can get a less expensive meal in addition to a change of scenery. While you can find other menu items for less than five at these locations, we do have a few personal recommendations.

Museum of Art Café
Located in the mezzanine of the Museum of Art

There are always plenty of salads to choose from, which is perfect for the hot summer heat. Our personal favorite is the Chicken Curry Salad (small for $4.79).

Orville & Wilbur's
Located in the Games Center

Enjoy lunch in the lively atmosphere of the Games Center. Feel free to play a game of pinball while you wait for your order. Orville and Wilbur's offers wings with many different sauces but we recommend either the barbeque or the buffalo wings (2.99 for six pieces or $4.79 for ten pieces).

9th Street Grill
Located in the Creamery on Ninth, 1209 North 900 East

If you need to stop by the Creamery for groceries after work or class, grab a bite to eat beforehand at the 9th Street Grill. We can't even make a recommendation because it's too hard to choose between the burgers and chicken sandwiches! However, we do suggest the fries and all of the ice creams.

Blue Line DeliLocated in the new addition to the Tanner Building, W117 TNRB

The daily hot entrée is always under five dollars, as are the soups. Some options could be Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Chili, Beef or Veggie Lasagna, Shepherd's Pie, and other soups and hot entrées.

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