Mar 1, 2009

Pi Day

by Ellen Wilson

March and April are full of holidays and occasions that provide ideas for creative dating. Think outside the typical St. Patrick's Day and Easter celebrations and observe some other traditions.

3.14: Pi day. Gather up a few couples for a group date and have a pie cook-off. Making pies is quite a bit of work, so you might want to have the couples do their cooking separately and then come together for a final taste test. Award the winning couple with a trophy.
March 15: "Beware the Ides of March" - Shakespeare's famous warning from the soothsayer to Caesar in his play Julius Caesar. Although the Ides of March aren't actually days of doom ("ides" is just the middle of the month in the Roman calendar, typically the 15th), you can plan a deliciously creepy and foreboding evening. Host a horror movie night or if you'd like celebrate the day in a more literary manner, watch a production of Shakespeare's play.

National Poetry Month: The first order of business for an April date is to incorporate some poetry. If you feel like you can't  (or just won't) write poetry, take your date to a poetry reading.
Jazz Appreciation Month: If you haven't been to BYU jazz concert, you must go. Visit the Harris Fine Arts Center website for details on the when, where and cost of jazz concerts. Many times there will be free jazz concerts for the jazz lab band and other groups.
Earth Day/Arbor Day: Plant a tree. If you'd rather stay inside, start an indoor garden. Get a pot and paints to decorate it. After the pot is decorated, fill it with a lightweight soil that drains well (lightly packed). Leave 1 to 2 inches for watering and be sure that there is drainage at the bottom of the pot and an additional plate or bowl to catch the draining liquid. Some good ideas for plants are herbs, such as mint, rosemary or thyme. Be sure to read the directions for your individual plant for how much sun and watering it needs.

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