Jun 1, 2009


By Ellen Wilson


A funnel may seem like an insignificant kitchen tool, but its uses go far beyond expectations. Its primary use is to channel liquid and a funnel is absolutely necessary if you're going to be making any homemade sauce, juice, or syrup. Without a funnel, you'd make a mess and waste a fair amount of your hard work. When a recipe calls for just egg whites, crack your egg into a funnel for an easy separation. The yolk will stay in while the white runs out. You can also use a funnel to drizzle syrups over desserts. And, to be honest, the main reason we're featuring the funnel is to remind you that summer is almost over and if you haven't had or made a funnel cake yet, it's time to get on it. Funnel cakes are the quintessential dish of summer nights and festivals and also the best possible use for your funnel. Buy funnels of various sizes at any kitchen supply store.

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