Jun 1, 2009

Provo's Farmers Market

by Ellen Wilson

It's a Saturday morning and instead of sleeping in, the crowds are crossing 500 West in Provo, Utah, headed to Provo's Farmers Market. Strolling along the sidewalks of Pioneer Park, you're greeted with fresh herbs, good music, and friendly vendors. While you can find fresh lettuce, herbs, vegetables and fruits (depending on the season), the market holds much more than a typical produce section. For food, there are fresh mini donuts, smoothies, sugar waffles, bread, cookies, cheese, and a banana stand. You can get a full meal at some booths and treats to take home from others.

While the food booths are tantalizing, with all sorts of goodies and new dishes to sample, the crafts hold many more surprises. You can find paper flowers, button earrings, baby clothes, headbands, tutus, and cheap voice lessons. Other booths have homemade products, like lotion made out of goat milk, soaps, and other natural skin care items. The Farmers Market is a family affair; kids can get their faces painted, mom can get tips and starter plants for her herb garden, and dad can try all the samples.

A few tips:

The best times to visit the market are early in the morning and late afternoon. The freshest produce can be found first thing in the morning, and you can sometimes find the best deals when you're around during closing time.

It's perfectly okay to ask a vendor if you may sample their fruits and/or vegetables.

Bring your own reusable grocery bag.

Join in the conversation. Meet and greet and hear the stories of each different vendor.
The market is open every Saturday from 9 to 2 until October.

For more information, or if you're interested in setting up a booth of your own, visit the Provo's Farmers Market blog.

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