Jun 1, 2009

Snack Smarter

by Ellen Wilson

Healthy eating options for on-the-go living.
Vending Machines. We hate to admit it, but breakfast, lunch or dinner often come from our pocketful of change or swiping our ID card.  Staring through the glass, options are plentiful but it can be hard to make your choice when nutritional facts aren't available until after purchase. With BYU Vending's new Snack Smarter labels, healthier decisions can be made with more information.

The labels designate items that have the following nutritional requirements:

• Less than 35% of total calories from fat
• Less than 10% of calories from saturated fat
• Less than 35% of total product weight from sugar

*nuts and seeds excluded

Items that are included are such things as Chex Mix, Wheat Thins, V8, pretzels, many granola bars, some chips, fruit snacks, trail mix, Smart Water, and a slew of others. Luckily, thanks to BYU Vending, a large percentage of the vending products fall under these requirements.
In addition to the Snack Smarter labels, Dining Services has combined with Vending to offer more information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The new E.A.T. website contains nutrition and health information, such as daily portion sizes, how to relieve stress and which exercises burn the most calories.  Additional useful features are the health calculators; calculate your BMI, BMR, Daily Caloric Intake, Heart Rate and Activities.

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