Jul 1, 2009

Culinary Support Center (CSC)

by Nick Jordan

Dining Services' new central location for food preparation.
Opening in Fall 2009, BYU's Culinary Support Center (CSC) will become the heart of food preparation for Dining Services. From just one central location, the CSC will offer the freshest food possible to locations throughout campus. Before, dining locations would receive food from just a few kitchens located in various places around campus. The consolidation of buildings and machinery that the CSC will bring will help to achieve better efficiency within Dining Services. As efficiency will be the core of the new CSC, employees will focus on achieving zero waste within the facility. Everything from extra produce to cardboard boxes will be broken down into compost to ensure zero waste.

Located at the front doors to the CSC will be a Creamery Outlet Store, approximately the same size as the prior Creamery store. Anyone may come purchase many of the CSC's products, including produce and bakery items.  For those who are concerned about the world-famous Creamery ice cream, you will be comforted to know that production will begin once again with the opening of the CSC and will be sold in the same locations.

The staffing for the CSC will come from both full-time staff and part-time students being relocated from other areas on campus to the CSC. Despite the major changes the CSC will bring about, no job losses will occur.

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