Jul 1, 2009


by Ellen Wilson

Summer is the best time for dating. The key is to find something fun to do outside that you both enjoy. Yep, it's really that simple. Outdoor activities include kayaking or tubing down the Provo River, spending the afternoon at a driving range, playing a game of Frisbee Golf at Bicentennial Park, or, our favorite, taking a hike on one of Utah Valley's many trails. Bring along materials for plant and animal identification. Make it a scavenger hunt to see who can find the most animal tracks, mountain flowers, or different types of trees.
If you're having your date during the day, incorporate an afternoon dessert into the festivities by making ice cream sculptures. For this activity, you'll need a carton of ice cream, preferably square with easy-to-rip cardboard. Remove the ice cream from the box and place it on a plate or platter. Use spoons, forks, and other utensils to shape a sculpture of your choosing. Some ideas include turtles, Mount Rushmore, a pirate ship, or Raggedy Anne.
For an evening date, have a mock camp-out. Set up a tent by the fire and tell ghost stories involving dark and stormy nights. Cook s'mores, pigs in a blanket, hot dogs, Starbursts, and pretty much anything you like over the flames. When the stories die down, make sure you have your astronomy and Greek mythology books on hand; see who can find Andromeda and other constellations and share how they got their names.

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