Sep 1, 2009

Nut Grinder

By Ellen Wilson

Nut Grinder
Since my favorite dessert is an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, craisins, and ground almonds, I've had plenty of experience with nuts skittering all over the kitchen. Instead of using a knife and cutting board, a simple nut grinder makes a difference for the baker who loves ground nuts but doesn't have a food processor. Instead of paying more for pre-ground nuts, buy whole nuts in bulk and grind when needed. Load the top section with whole nuts and turn the handle one way for a coarse grind or the other way for fine. The grinder featured is labeled so when you reach the amount you need, you can just unscrew the top and add the nuts to your recipe without having to measure again. Use the grinder when making cookies, granola, or just for when you want to sprinkle nuts over your ice cream sundae. You can also grind baking chocolate. 

Purchase a nut grinder at any kitchen retail store.

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