Nov 1, 2009

Alternative Game Night

by Ellen Wilson

Alternative Game Night

A night of games is always a great date. Playing a game can be very telling of your date's personality; you can see whether or not they are competitive, communicative, sneaky, or subdued. However, some games can get a little old so MIX! is here to offer some alternative gaming ideas.
  • Dominoes. Set ‘em up and let ‘em fall. This one is simple but oh-so-much fun. Set up one huge Domino path or split into two for a race.  Use books for staircases of Dominoes or tie a string to one to make it leap Tarzan-style from the edge of the table. Just be sure to set them up carefully so not a single one is standing after that first push.

  • Take cards from a trivia game and host your own game show. Imitate TV personalities like Alex Trebek or Vanna White and set up your living room with desks, buzzers, or spinning wheels. Make sure to dramatically announce the prize for the winner prior to the start of your game.

  • Set up shop and use Monopoly money. Each person gets a certain amount of money, which they can then use to buy food, movies, or other activities for them and their date throughout the night.

  • If you have random pieces from old games, use them to create a new game. Make up rules, design the game board (if you need one), and play the night away.

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