Dec 1, 2009

French Toast Combo

Lunch of the MonthWhere: Scoreboard Grill

What: #4 French Toast Combo

Price: $5.49

One egg, meat of choice, two slices of French toast, medium drink

For those on campus in the early morning hours when the sun is just barely cresting Y mountain, there are only a few choices for breakfast. Located in the Cougareat, Scoreboard Grill begins serving breakfast at 8
am and doesn't stop until 10:30am. The French Toast Combo is a great jumpstart for your morning, whether you take it on the go or enjoy it in the Cougareat. Choose from bacon, ham or sausage for your choice of meat. Options for eggs are varied as well, ranging from scrambled to sunnyside up with every option in between. Next time you need an extra boost in the morning, jump in line at the Scoreboard Grill to get your own French Toast Combo.


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