Dec 1, 2009

Make-Your-Own Video

by Ellen Wilson

Make-Your-Own Video

For this date, you'll need a digital camera and a computer with a video-editing program. The goal is for each group to make a 15-second stop-motion video by the end of the night.  Keep your idea simple, because there will be a lot of work for just 15-seconds. If you can't think of an idea, we'll provide you with one; for our stop video, we have Onion and Pepper winking at each other and kissing.  First, we'll add googly eyes, lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and hair to our characters, an onion and a pepper. Organize your props and costuming so you're prepared for each step of the film.  Set your prop somewhere where the background won't be changing (outside can be difficult with wind and pedestrians and such). It's easiest to keep the same background and framing for each shot.  Do this with a tripod or by setting your camera on a firm surface where it won't move. For each picture (and there will be lots), move your object just slightly.  Making slight movements and taking pictures of each little movement is key for a stop-motion film. 

Download your images to the computer, and import into a movie editing program.  You'll need to set each photo with a very short viewing time so that you only see each photo for a split second.  Depending on your video program, you may want to look up some editing tutorials on the Internet if you haven't done much editing in the past.  Once you have all your photos in, add a title and credits and then it's viewing time!

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