Feb 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats

by Ellen Wilson

The meal guaranteed to win a heart this Valentine's Day.
Don't just buy boxed chocolates this Valentine's Day.  Take the heart-shaped theme to the max and prepare dinner to dessert with all heart-shaped items. Also, make sure you have heart-shaped goodies all throughout the day.

Using a heart mold or cookie cutter, you make almost any dish Valentine-worthy. For dinner, make some homemade heart-shaped ravioli, stuffed with cheese, spinach, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, or any other filling. If homemade ravioli seems like too much of an ordeal, go for a breakfast theme. Fry up eggs in a heart mold and serve with heart-shaped pancakes.  Another quick option is a hearty soup with heart-shaped croutons.

For dessert, the easiest options are sugar cookies or cake. Personalize your dessert by adding icing and phrases, like conversation heart sayings. Try the old classic, "UR 4 Me" or maybe a newbie, like "Txt me!"  Other desserts that can easily be made heart-shaped are tarts and, of course, jello.

Other desserts, or just goodies for the day are cake pops, homemade peppermint patties, and homemade marshmallows with red food coloring. A quick and easy treat that uses leftover Christmas candy canes is heart lollipops made by melting together two candy canes.

Enjoy your dinner and don't forget the flowers!

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