May 3, 2010

Go Veggie

by Ellen Wilson

Meatless Meals
Some vegetarian options both on and off-campus.
Eating little or no meat is not just for vegetarians. Meat production is very resource intensive so regularly cutting back on your meat intake is also good for the environment.

For vegetarians or those who would like to avoid eating too much meat, there are still plenty of great sources of protein found in other foods. Here are some on-campus meals and off-campus recipes to try:


Cougareat: Taco Bell, Tomassitos, L&T Produce, Teriyaki Stix, Freschetta, and Subway all have vegetarian options.

Our favorites are:
• Tomassito's Pasta with Broccoli and Alfredo
• Subway's Veggie Delite with Avocado
• Taco Bell's Bean Burrito
• Teriyaki Stix's Chow Mein Bowl
• Freschetta's Garden Delight Personal Pizza
• Scoreboard's Grilled Cheese Combo with Fries
• L&T's Southwest wrap (substitute green peppers and more tomatoes for the chicken)
Legends: Legends' vegetarian offerings include salad entrées, pasta with Alfredo or marinara sauce, grilled salmon and personalized pizzas. Create your own or try their Vegetable Hearth Baked Pizza with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, pineapples, olives, and mushrooms.

MOA Café: Explore the MOA's rotating menu on their website. Vegetarian dishes include the Santa Fe Vegetable Wrap, Spinach Apple Craisin Salad, Greek Salad, Taco Salad, and Oriental Salad. Our favorite item on the regular menu is the Grilled Vegetable Foccacia sandwich.

Blue Line: Blue Line's weekly menu is available online. Meatless options include the Quesadilla bar, Baked Potato bar, Tuna Melt, Pasta Bar, Cheese Ravioli, and their Creamy Vegetable Lasagna.

Here are some of the vegetarian recipes we've featured on MIX!:
  • Minted Tabouli
  • Mushroom, Tomato and Gruyère Cheese Breakfast Strata
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Hazelnut and Lentil Soup (Use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock)
  • Orzo, Peas, and Pesto Salad
  • Loaded Nachos
  • Tortilla Soup (Use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock)
  • Toasted Veggie Bagel Sandwich
  • French Bread Pizza
  • Pesto Ravioli
  • Veggie Burritos

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