May 1, 2010

Pepperoni Calzone

Lunch of the MonthWhere: Tomassito's Italian Cafe
What: Pepperoni Calzone
Price: $2.59 (calzone only) -- $6.09 (combo meal)
It has only been a few months since we featured a calzone, but we have found a new one that just had to be shared with all. Located in the Cougareat lies the well-known restaurant of Tomassito's with the not so well-known item of a pepperoni calzone. For those that are new to calzones, let us explain; it's a pizza folded in half to be eaten like a sandwich. Brilliant. Tomassito's offers the options of chicken, bacon with broccoli and my personal favorite, pepperoni. So stop in and find out what all the buzz about these calzones is about.

Included in the combo meal is the calzone of your choice, choice of pasta (fettuccini, rotini, wheat penne, spaghetti), choice of sauce (meat, alfredo, marinara), a side salad, a breadstick and a medium fountain drink.


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