Jun 1, 2010

Dough Scraper

Dough Scraper

This is an affordable little kitchen tool that you won't regret having around - especially during the holidays. You know the little bits of pie crust that get stuck to the counter? Or the awkwardly-shaped edges of your rolled-out cookie dough or crust? This tool can solve your kitchen woes - it is great for shaping, cutting, scraping, cleaning, mixing and more.

Dough scrapers can be made of many different types of materials: stainless steel, metal, plastic or wood. You should use whichever tool best suites you, of course depending on how heavy duty your work is in the kitchen.

No matter the material, you can do countless things with your dough scraper. While mixing up your batch of dough, you can avoid sticky fingers by using a flexible dough scraper like the one pictured here. If you have a more sturdy one, you can pull out a batch of freshly-made pie crust and slice it into even sections by pushing straight down and pulling up.  You can also easily clean up the counter by swiping bits of sticky dough into the garbage can; you can get the really tough stuff off with a little more pressure. The plastic version also works great in the sink while cleaning pots and pans with really stubborn food stuck to the bottom or sides.

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