Jul 1, 2010

Envelope Book

Envelope Book
  • Envelopes of the same size, preferably cardstock or similar material
  • Awl
  • Waxed thread
  • Large needle
  • Decorating materials
  • Stack as many envelopes as you'd like (we used six), but save one envelope to use as a template. Make sure the envelope flap opens to the right.
  • Binding instructions: With an extra envelope of the same size, create a template. Measure equal distances from both the bottom and side of each corner on the left side of the envelope.  We did a half-inch and made a mark. Draw a straight line connecting the top and bottom of your envelope.  At this point you have a choice to make. The number of holes on the side of your envelope is up to you; we did two more so that we'd have four large stitches. Draw marks for these holes on your template, making sure they are equal distance from the two edges of the envelope. Place your template over your stack of envelopes, aligning all the edges.  Using an awl, punch each hole through the entire stack.
  • Cut a piece of thread four times the height of the envelopes. Thread your needle and go through the lowest hole, entering in the front of the book. Pull through until there is about two inches of thread at the tail. Thread around the tail and then go through the bottom hole (entering in the front) again.  Wrapping around the left side of the envelope, go through the bottom hole one more time.  You should have two threads forming a right angle. Move to the second hole, going through the back. Coming out the front, wrap around the left side of the envelope, or the spine.  Then, on the third hole, you'll thread from front to back, wrapping around the spine. Continue doing this through each of your holes.  For the final hole, you'll go around the spine and then also around the end of the book. After you have the two threads creating a right angle, remove your needle and tie a square knot directly over the last hole.  Cut the thread close to this knot and use your need to tuck the knot and ends into the hole. (If you need illustrations of the binding process, just Google "Japanese stab binding").
  • Once you've completed your binding, decorate and fill with coupons, recipes, lists, cards, or anything you'd like.

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