Jul 1, 2010

Spicy Chipotle Burger

Lunch of the Month 
Where: 9th Street Grill - Creamery on Ninth East

What: Spicy Chipotle Burger

Price: $2.99

Homemade bun, hamburger patty, spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy chipotle sauce, lettuce and tomato.

This 9th Street Grill monthly special is available only during the month of August. It's a burger that's perfect for summer with traditional grilled flavor plus a little added flare. Turn up the heat and mix things up with this spicy burger. You'll love all the flavor packed in one burger and only have a month to try it - so stop by the Creamery on Ninth East. Don't forget to add some fries on the side or try this
month's ice cream special, the Grasshopper Sundae,
for dessert.


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