Sep 6, 2010

Creamery Outlet

The Creamery is a hallmark of BYU campus - has been and always will be. With four total locations (and you can even get a scoop of famous ice cream in the Cougareat) you can get your Creamery goods almost anywhere at anytime.

In Fall 2009, the original Creamery re-opened as the Creamery Outlet. In the same location as the old Creamery, it is accessible to anyone close to or driving by the Marriott Center.

Not only can you get a scoop of delicious ice cream at the Creamery Outlet, but you can buy any number of food items as well. Have a bagel or brownie if you'd like, or pick up a salad or sandwich for lunch. If you don't have time to run to the grocery store, pick up some pasta for dinner.

The Creamery Outlet has a constantly changing inventory of discounted products including specials on 3 gallon mixed ice cream, salad dressings, prepared salads and more.

It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Stop by for lunch, breakfast, a quick grocery run, or (of course) for some dessert.

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