Nov 1, 2010

Keeping Warm in the Winter

by Kiku Reidhead

The winter usually means snow, ice and shorter days; this, of course, means we all need to get ready for cold winter days. So, what can you do to escape the cold or at least learn to live with it without hiking up your heating bills?

If you are resourceful, and willing to layer, the winter can actually be a very warm few months. Here are our suggestions to keep yourself and your apartment toasty this winter.

Your BED: Flannel sheets are great in the winter because they are usually made of a wool/cotton blend. This means they will help keep your body heat inside the sheets. While you'll be nice and cozy, don't get too comfortable because you won't want to get out and walk to class!

Your APARTMENT: We've already mentioned one big key to staying warm, keep the heat in. This is particularly important when you think about your apartment.

(1) You can make sure you aren't losing any heat by checking your window and door seals. If you have a big gap (and/or a missing seal), let your apartment maintenance crew know it needs to be fixed. Or, you can use what you have on hand, like towels or old shirts, and push them in around the seal to keep out any leaking cold air.

(2) Keep cloth curtains closed when the sun's not out. If you can keep cold that naturally comes in through windows contained, you will keep your apartment or home warm. You can make temporary curtains out of sheets or blankets if you need to.

(3) This last tip is actually about how to let warmth into your living space - take advantage of the warmth of the sun! Open the curtains to let the sun's rays into your home during the day.

YourSELF: Your body produces a large amount of heat each day on its own, so don't lose any of it by simply dressing like it's actually winter. Remember hats, scarves and gloves because covering any exposed part of your body will help prevent heat loss. Layering is a great trick for the winter months and is a good tip to remember even when you are indoors. Also, if you can stay layered at home, you can keep your furnace turned down and cut your heating bill considerably.

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