Dec 1, 2010

Christmas Ball Wreath

Christmas Ball Wreath

This craft is so simple that you can make it and still have motivation to decorate the rest of your apartment or house. You can use any colors you'd like - golds, blues, whites, pinks or traditional Christmas colors like us.

  • Styrofoam or wire wreath frame
  • Glass or plastic Christmas ball ornaments
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • While you heat your hot glue gun, prepare your ornaments.

  • If you are using a Styrofoam frame, you will probably need wire to attach the balls. You will hot glue the loop piece on the top of the ornament to the ball to make sure it is secure. Then, you can attach a piece of wire to the loop. Martha Stewart recommends forming bunches of balls using your wire and pushing them into the wreath form. Just continue adding ornaments and clusters until the wreath is the shape you like.

  • If you are using a metal frame, you can simply begin gluing the balls in the color, order and fashion you like best. We started with the inside and created a red-gold-red-gold pattern. Then we worked outward. We attached the balls to the frame and to other ornaments already attached to the frame. Continue until you are finished.

  • If there are any spaces or holes, you can fill them with extra ribbon pieces, tinsel, garland, silk flowers, or anything you'd like. Just glue these into place.

  • Creating the hook is also up to you, and you can make it decorative with some ribbon. Make the hook with ribbon, or cover a metal hook with a ribbon bow.

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