Jan 1, 2011

Clever Couponing

by Kiku Reidhead

The digital age of coupons

Americans save around 3 billion dollars a year just by using coupons. In the past, the Sunday newspaper has been the main source for coupons, but as Internet continues to develop, more and more digital coupons are popping up. Here's a look at the newest deal savers right at your finger tips.
  • Restaurant.com: Just as the website name implies, this site is concerned with deals at restaurants. Usually the deal is to buy a gift certificate at a discounted price.

  • Groupon: Posts a daily deal, but only one a day. You can get e-mail notifications of these deals each day.

  • Skweez: A local text coupon service. You get a coupon each day but it's only valid on that day. It's unique because of its local focus and offers great deals on local restaurants like "buy one get one free milkshakes at Sammy's".

  • Citydeals: A bank of multiple deals in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas. These website focuses on everything from dining to haircuts to dry cleaning. You usually purchase a gift certificate at a discounted price. A plus is that shipping is cheap and the certificates arrive promptly.
What's great about these deal services is that luxury items that usually come with a large ticket (like massages, dinners and movie tickets) are brought down to an affordable price. But it's not just luxury items that are up for sale - everyday things like dry cleaning, car washes, and sometimes even Walmart gift cards sell for a fraction of their value. In addition, each of these sites are easy to search through - no more sifting through piles of ads to find one coupon you want; now you can type in a simple search and whala!

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