Jan 1, 2011

Meal Drop

New to BYU campus this semester, Meal Drop is all about saving students and faculty time.

"You are always first in line when you use Meal Drop," said Cougareat Manager Joe Tiapson. "It is a convenient way for students and faculty to get lunch."

Meal Drop is convenient because students and faculty can just jump online and place an order. Then, at the specified time, the food is delivered to them.

Currently the Subway and Teriyaki Stix full menus are available to users along with three different drop locations: the JFSB, the Law School, and the Grab and Go in the Cougareat.

Now, students and faculty don't need to wait in line for food, or even leave their area of campus in order to get a bite to eat.

You can learn more or even order today by going to the Meal Drop website at www.mealdrop.com. Also, find "MealDrop" (one word) on Facebook and look for daily deals.

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