Mar 1, 2011

Fresh Air Dates

by Kiku Reidhead

Fresh Air Dates
Go outside and enjoy the spring air! Spring is the perfect time to break the indoor-winter date trend by busting out the roller blades, skateboards, bikes or hiking boots. Provo is equipped for all kinds of outdoors activities.

In previous editions of MIX! we listed some ideas for good hikes and bike rides. Like we mentioned, you can put together a picnic or your own trail mix to take along with. You can pull together little bags of your favorite snacks - yogurt raisins, pretzel rods, dried pineapple and more!

Head up to the Y for a short hike. If you have more time, find a hike up Provo Canyon. Or, if you'd rather be on wheels go up the trail that starts on University Avenue and goes up Provo Canyon. The trail is relatively safe and surrounded by trees. It is a scenic view just off the highway. In fact, the trail will take you right to the base of Bridal Veil Falls. If you want to stop and picnic on the way up, the trail winds through a few parks and campgrounds.

Recipe tips:
Mix up Chef John's Strawberry Lemonade for refreshment or make a batch of BYU Mint Brownies or Executive Pastry Chef Fernanda's Chocolate Truffles for dessert!

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