Mar 1, 2011

Spring Leaf Apron

Spring Leaf Apron

Aprons are absolutely necessary when making anything in the kitchen, and we all like to have a personalized apron of our own. So if you desire something different, vibrant, creative and fresh, a spring leaf apron may be just what you're looking for.
Kitchen Craft
Things you will need:

  • A blank apron, preferably cotton or linen
  • Textile Paint
  • Foam brush
  • Plain paper
  • Rolling pin, brayer or tall drinking glass
  • A spring leaf or leaves
How to make your apron:
  • Simply start by ironing your apron.

  • On a flat surface, use a foam brush to spread a thin coating of textile paint on the underside of the leaf.

  • Place the leaf on the apron upside down.

  • Then place a piece of paper on top to clean up the excess paint.

  • On the paper, use a rolling pin over the paper, making sure to roll over every area of the leaf

  • Remove paper and carefully peel away the leaf.

  • Set the heat for your print according to the directions on the paint. This will ensure that the color on your fabric is washable. Most paints require air-drying, and then pressing with a hot iron on both sides.

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