May 1, 2011

Cooler Cooking & Cooking Cooler

Summer is nearly here. That means it's time to throw on your sunglasses,  slip on some flip-flops, turn on that air-conditioning, sit back and relax with an ice cold drink.

While thinking about how comfortable you will be during the summer months, think of some ways to save energy and how to lower your thermostat.

Here are five simple tips to make life easier and cooler in the summer:
  1. Limit stove use. The stove will only make your house hotter and increase your electric bill. The microwave is a more cost effective way to cook and reduces temperature levels.

  2. Cold food. Make and eat sandwiches, salads, and fruits. They are much easier to store and keep cool in the refrigerator.

  3. Morning and evening cooking. The afternoon being the hottest period of the day is not the best time to cook, so try to cook when its cooler in the mornings and evenings.

  4. Quality pans and dishes. When cooking on a burner, use well-fitted and quality pans that will increase efficiency and decrease cooking time. What's great is copper (on the burner) and glass (in the stove) because these collect the most heat, shortening the cooking process.

  5. Use residual heat. When you turn off your oven, use the residual heat to help do the cooking for you.

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