Jun 1, 2011

Jamba Juice Smoothies

by Heinrich Hettig

If you're looking for a hot place to cool down, Jamba Juice is it! Some days you just can't go without the fresh taste of a Jamba Juice smoothie.

Barbara Lettich, manager at Jamba Juice wants people to know that they are not just passionate about the juice, but also healthy living! Jamba Juice makes it their sole purpose to make fresh and healthy juices, blended together to create explosions of fruit flavor that will make you want to come back for more.

Jamba Juice has a wide range of juices to choose from. Here are some of the Top Choices:
  • Razzmatazz
  • Mango-a-go-go
  • Chunky Strawberry
  • Caribbean Passion
  • Strawberry Wild
Another favorite among people is the Pink Star. This is not on the regular menu, but is one of the so called "secret menu" [items] said Ian Ray, Jamba Juice student employee.

Kade Karge from Arizona said he found out about this secret menu through a friend and is glad he knows of its existence. Now it's no secret, so you can do your own research and find out what's on this menu.

"Our juices are all natural," Ray said. "Jamba Juice helps people feel excellent about themselves."

Check out the two Jamba Juice locations at the Wilkinson Student Center and the Student Athlete Building or go to dining.byu.edu/jambajuice for more information.

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