Jun 1, 2011

Lasagna Dinner for Two

Lunch of the MonthWhere: Tomassito's

What: Lasagna Dinner for Two

Price: $7.79

Includes: Full-size lasagna combo meal with an additional drink, breadstick and salad for free
From February 14 to March 12, stop by Tomassito's in the Cougareat to treat you and your sweetheart (or friend) to a lasagna dinner for two. You get a side salad, large piece of lasagna, breadstick and drink plus an additional drink, breadstick and salad for free! Not only is this lunch a good deal, but it's a well-rounded meal for a good price. So, if you want somewhere affordable to take a lunch date, d
on't pass up some delicious Italian lasagna plus all the extras at Tomassito's.


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