Jun 1, 2011

What's Going On at BYU

When it comes to the summer time we all want things to do. BYU has no shortage of activities. Much of what goes on around campus is geared toward helping students feel included and meet new people. During July and August there are plenty of events that several organizations host for all to enjoy.

The Student Leadership Events Management Team and Student Activities Board strive to provide quality and interactive activities for students to be involved in.

"The things that we do are strictly for the purpose of bringing students together and to have a good time," said Grace Fuller, BYU events management.

These groups of students make it their business to organize fun things on campus. Although this organization is non-profit, this doesn't stop them from trying to achieve their goals to bring students together.

"We are not concerned with money," Fuller said. "The main priority is to make the event the best it can be. It's strictly for the students."

BYU can be daunting at times and with over 30,000 students you can get lost in the crowd. That's why it's important to know what's going on around campus.

"BYU is riddled with opportunities, people to meet, and chances to grow," said Kevin Kindred of student activities board. "These activities are planned and executed with the students in mind. We want to help build the BYU experience for the students."

Some of the events the student activities board and events management provide are a ducky derby, dollar movies, Laugh out Loud, free mini golf, whiffle-ball derby, and new student orientations. Some up-coming events include a luau, more dollar movie nights, parades, outdoor movies, outdoor concerts and welcome week. All of these provide a variety of fun things to do while you are here at BYU.

To learn more about what these exciting events go to events.byu.edu and stab.byu.edu.

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