Jul 1, 2011

Easy Decorative Glasses

Easy Decorative Glasses
These decorative glasses, inspired by DIY projects, are an easy way to dress up your parties without costing you a fortune. The craft is not permanent which allows you to decorate for any occasion.
  • Clear glassware
  • Decorative tape, decals, or stickers
  • Utility knife.
  • Choose your theme and colors. For example: seasonal colors for holidays, BYU blue and white for tailgate parties, or the bride's colors for a wedding shower.
  • Place the tape, decals, or stickers on the outside of the glassware so none of the decoration touches food or liquid. Place in straight or twisted patterns around the glassware.
  • The tape can be somewhat transparent so experiment with overlapping and crisscrossing with different colors.
  • Cut off edges evenly with a utility knife.
  • Remove the decoration before washing and start over for your next party.
Decals, stickers, and some varieties of decorative tape can all be purchased at the BYU Bookstore.

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