Nov 1, 2011

M&M Bowling

M&M Bowling

Bowling is a pretty typical first date at BYU. Going down to the BYU Games Center and showing off your excellent bowling skills is already a fun and interactive date, but why not MIX! it up!
All you need is a date, a bag of M&M's (or any small multicolored candies) and a bowling lane. Using the bag of M&M's as your guide, you and your date will choose which colors identify which type of bowling style. Here are some suggestions:

Green: Your style: bowl how you would normally.
Red: Through the legs: bowl either backwards or forwards but make sure the ball goes through your legs.
Blue: Grandma style: use two hands and roll it from the floor. 
Yellow: Blindfold style: close your eyes and let someone else guide you.
Brown: Cannonball style: use the heaviest ball.
Orange: Feather style: use the lightest ball.

Blindly pick one color from the candy bag, eat candy and bowl accordingly. Your date is sure to be impressed with this tasty idea and your bowling finesse.
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