Dec 1, 2011

Creamery Holiday Flavors

by Mel Gardner

BYU's creameries have a tradition of being the best in great dairy products. Smooth ice cream, fresh milk, and delicious cheeses make the BYU Creamery a campus favorite. Every holiday season, the BYU Creamery creates special flavors unique to this time of year.  

Eggnog is in season at the Creamery. Locally made and creamy as always, they will have eggnog in a carton, as well as eggnog ice cream. Peppermint candy ice cream will also be available for only the holidays.

In addition to ice cream, the Creamery will have freshly-made holiday cheese balls. Available flavors will include a one-pound ball of a smoked bacon and cheese, or fruit and nut. The cheese balls will only be available at the Creamery on Ninth and the Creamery Outlet.

Stop by the BYU Creamery this holiday for all your favorite flavors.

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