Dec 1, 2011

Essential Cookware

 Essential Cookware

Helpful HintsWhen it comes to cookware there are so many choices. Whether you're getting ready to register for a wedding, starting out on your own, or looking to update your cookware, knowing what is essential will help stock your kitchen properly. In this issue of MIX! we'll help you determine what cookware is essential for making almost any dish.

Sauce Pans:
            1-quart Sauce Pan- This pan is good for small jobs. It's especially useful for those who only cook for one or two people.
            2-quart Sauce Pan- This is a great in-the-middle-sized pan for rice, or vegetables.

Skillets/Frying Pans:
            8-inch Skillet- Perfect size for making omelets or small fried dishes.
            12-inch Skillet- Great for frying meats and stir-fries.
            Sauté Pan- A good choice for making sauces, of course, but also for frying meats or vegetables when you want to add liquid later.

Dutch Oven (for stove top or oven):
            Dutch Oven- This is a large pan best used for soups, stews, or a variety of larger dishes. If you don't want to buy the large cast iron dish, you can use an alternative such as a 6-quart stockpot.

Roasting Pan:
            Roasting Pan- Surprise! This pan is for roasting food. It's great for making the Thanksgiving turkey or any large pieces of meat.
Choose the best materials within your budget. Good cookware is a worthwhile investment.
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