Mar 1, 2012

Coca-Cola is Calling

by Mel Gardner

Standing in line at the Creamery on Ninth, hands full, you go over the list again. Milk, cereal, ramen, pop-tarts and a carton of bishop's bash - well, that wasn't originally on the list. You finally make it up to the register and dump your load, but right as your ready to pay, the register's phone rings. They talk for a moment then hand the phone to you. Who could it possibly be? Is this a prank? Nope, It's Coca-Cola calling.

Throughout the rest of March, many unsuspecting customers shopping at the CONE could get a call from Coca-Cola to award them prizes such as groceries, t-shirts, hats, electronics or Coca-Cola products. The calls are made randomly throughout the day and with multiple prizes given away per day, many have already received grand prizes.

Amanda Hall, a Provo resident, came into the CONE to buy milk with her kids when Coca-Cola called her.

"I though it was weird that the cashier was handing me the phone," Hall said. "Then the other person on the line said I had won a BYU T-shirt. It was awesome!"
Jason Carter, manager of the Creamery on Ninth, has found the campaign both fun and successful.

"It's been pretty fun," Jason Carter, manager of the Creamery on Ninth, said. "There have been a lot of winners, but it's been even more fun for the employees."
The campaign has caused a lot of excitement among the CONE staff. Some of the Creamery employees have heighted the experience by creating and performing a Coca-Cola is Calling rap and taking pictures of every winner.

Maddie Ellsworth, a cashier at the CONE and BYU student from Salt Lake City, Utah, used popular songs as a base for some of the Cola-Cola is Calling songs she and her co-workers sang for some winners.

"It's been so much fun," Ellsworth said. "I love how confused they are when we hand them the phone. It's so funny to see their emotions. Some people get really excited about winning."   

The Coca-Cola will end their calls beginning March 30th. Will you get the next call? You might, if you shop happy at the CONE.

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