Mar 1, 2011

BYU Fresh

Brigham Young University is one of the freshest colleges in the nation. Every day thousands of students enjoy fresh produce, meat and dairy prepared and cooked right on campus.

One year ago, in order to provide the freshest food possible, the Original Creamery underwent a major makeover; large refrigerators and food preparation areas took the place of ice cream counters and booth seats. The result is a fully-equipped culinary support center (CSC).

Between BYU's 15 plus restaurants and the MTC, over 31,000 meals are served daily. Maintaining a food supply to feed those mouths is no small task. The BYU CSC makes this task easier and more efficient. Now, fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased, taken to the CSC, sliced and cooked or sold within 6 days.

While the average shelf life of food from outside sources is 21 days, BYU Dining Services is able to reduce shelf life to 5 to 6 days for freshness, thanks to the CSC.

On average, as the third largest collegiate dining service in the country, BYU Dining Services supplies over 3,000 bananas, 90 fresh-cut pineapples, and 140 pounds of grapes to BYU restaurants every day.

The CSC prepares the produce, but also houses a kitchen, a soup and sauce preparation area, a full bakery, and a full creamery. This means students enjoy fresh baked goods, freshly made cheeses and ice cream, and soups and sauces with each meal.

BYU Dining Services supplies all of its restaurants with fresh goods by buying local. BYU's beef and eggs come from local farms and the ingredients used to make Creamery ice cream, cottage cheese and more come from Utah County dairy farms.

BYU stands out among college campuses in the United States—aside from the excellence of academics and sports, BYU is known for its innovative culinary processes. With the new CSC, BYU is among the few college campuses in the country able to feed large masses of students with fresh food made and prepared right on campus.

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