Jun 27, 2012

Floating Centerpieces

By: Amberly Asay

Centerpieces can give some relief society presidents a hard time: who can think of a creative enough centerpiece to capture their audience?  Well this summer we have a craft for you that will capture the attention of any relief society and the world’s two most harsh elements: fire and water.

If you are anything like me you cringe when asked to do something crafty, well don’t worry.  This illuminating fire and water centerpiece is simple enough.

First, get a vase, and then pick a smaller vase to place inside.  You can attach the smaller vase to the bottom with floral adhesive.  In the space between the vases add colored water (use a food drops of food coloring to the water).  You then will place a pillar candle in the smaller vase.  Pillar candles are the most ideal for this project because of how pretty they are and the weight of the candle will keep the two vases together.  Light the candle and stand back in awe.

To give your summer night a softer glow, group multiple centerpieces with different shades of the same color on a table.  If your centerpiece will be used at church, you might consider a battery-operated candle for fire safety. 


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