Jun 27, 2012

I scream. You Scream. We all scream for ice cream.

By: Amberly Asay

With the hot summer sun beating down, our throats parch, our skin turns red and it seems there is nothing to satisfy the heat.  Thank goodness someone discovered the miracle of the frozen sweet dairy product.

As one of the nation’s most popular dessert there are thousands of waysto indulge in ice cream. You can create: mix-ins, sundaes, shakes, hard ice cream, soft ice cream and liquid nitrogen ice cream.  The possibilities are endless.

After recognizing the nation’s love for ice cream, President Ronald Reagan in 1984 designated July as National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream day.  In the United States people consume around 24.2 pints of ice cream every year and 98% of all households have ice cream.

 With 40 different flavors, BYU Creamery should have any flavor you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The most recent new flavor combines one of BYU’s most popular desserts with ice cream: The Mint Brownie.

With a mint colored ice cream, it is loaded with chocolate and brownie chunks.  The brownie is still soft even though it is surrounded by frozen goodness, giving the ice cream a sometimes chewy texture.  If you are feeling really adventurous for the day try the Mint Brownie Ice Cream in a homemade waffle cone.  This will add to the overall experience of eating your ice cream and help get rid of a sticky mess.

Spencer Laponi Ngatuvai, from Salt Lake City, is a communications major and an avid fan of ice cream.  He could only use one word (which he screamed) to describe his love for the new flavor.

“Epic,” Ngatuvai said.

The creamery offers other flavors as well as frozen treats, but no matter where you go this summer make sure to celebrate July by eating frozen desserts.

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