Jun 27, 2012

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

By: Amberly Asay

Well you made it. Finals are over. The sun is shining and you finally have a break from all of the stress.  The only problem is; that you are in Provo, and you aren’t quite sure what to do.  Thankfully, Provo has more to offer than your originally thought.  Here are 25 ideas to help get your summer started.

1.  Cool off at Seven Peaks--Provo’s water park.  With dozens of slides, wave pools and hot tubs there is something for everyone at the park.  They offer the pass of all passes, which gives a person unlimited use at the water park as well as Traflaga Fun Center.  It also offers admissions to other sports. The pass lasts for 12 months.

2. A lot of summer involves patriotic activities, and Provo has the Freedom Festival.  With several events throughout the summer there are many opportunities for concerts, festivals, lectures, parades and parties.

3. If it’s raining or the sun is just too harsh, go inside for a while and enjoy some bowling.  BYU Games Center offers bowling, video games, and billiards for your entertainment.  And if you’re hungry you can even stop and get a bite to eat at Orville & Wilburs.

4.     The Twilight Concert Series are on Thursday nights, July 5- Aug 30.  Musicians across the country and from around the world come and perform.  The concerts are free, and it is great to get out, listen to music and meet new people.

5.  Rock climbing is available to people of all ages in Provo.  There are several indoor facilities as well as many outdoor routes in Utah County.

6.  Make sure to visit Bridal Veil Falls.  It is a breathtaking double cataract waterfall.  The trails around it are great for hiking, and there are even some bike trails.  You do not want to miss what nature has to offer here. 

7.  A fun, affordable treat for the summer are snow cones, and thankfully Provo has many shacks which offer such treats.  With the shaved ice, remember to try several exotic flavors and don’t be afraid to try it with cream!

8. Take a few steps back to your childhood summers, and create a lemonade stand.  This activity is also great for FHE.  It is a great way to cool off, a good way to make a little money and to create memories.

9. Want to have a fun date roasting treats but don’t want to make a fire?  No problem just light some candles and roast fruit snacks (which crystalize very nicely) and candies over the flame. There is a little mess with these delicious treats.

10. Even if it is warm outside, go to Midway’s Crater and enjoy the natural warm water.  You can relax, swim and even scuba dive.

11. As any good Provo resident, one must hike the Y.  This hike is fun for families, dates and friends and will help you stay in shape.  If you hike it around twilight, you can watch the sun set and see the city below light up.  Remember to bring a flashlight or headlight or headlamp for the hike back down.

12.  Going fishing at the swimming hole may not be a popular phrase anymore, but in Utah County there are several reservoirs and lakes available.  Just be sure to get your fishing permit (which you can purchase at Wal-Mart).

13. Unfortunately, the drive-ins were torn down but there are still outdoor movies available this summer.  Rock Canyon Park offers free movies in the park in August on Monday nights.  The Springville Arts Park (700 South 1300 East) also offers free movies on Monday nights, starting July 2nd.

14. The Manti Pageant is a favorite for most locals who participate in it.  It runs June 21-23, 26-30. The gates open at 6pm, and the pageant starts at 9:30pm.  14,000 chairs are provided for seating.

16. The Peoples Market runs June-October, 10am-3pm in Salt Lake City. There are cheap healthy foods, local produce, artisan products and entertainment. They also have 50-cent Fridays at the Sorenson Center, so you can cool off in their nice pool for only 50-cents.

18. Even though the snow is gone (or at least it should be), the Sundance Resort has many activities to keep the fun going.  With scenic lift rides, hiking trails, fly fishing, river rafting, golfing and mountain biking, you can be sure to find a summer activity for you.

19. Are you wanting to get your dancing shoes on but don’t know how?  Well, put on your cowboy boots and head on over to The Center—222 West 500 North.  Dancing begins at 9pm and goes until midnight.  Dancing is only $4 if you show up before 9:30pm and $6 if you go afterwards.    

20. Sleeping under the stars is also a very enjoyable summer activity.  There are several campgrounds around the valley and throughout the canyons.  Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect with nature.

21. Wishing you were spending your summer near the ocean?  Well, don’t worry here in Provo you can have the best of both worlds: mountains and the ocean.  Just go to the Provo Beach Resort for surfing, ropes courses, arcade games, virtual golf, bowling, croquet and much more.  They offer endless summer passports for $99 and are good for 12 months.
21. Free concerts are also offered at the Central Utah Gardens every two weeks beginning July 15.  Visit http://www.centralutahgardens.org/classes_events_concerts.aspx for more information.

22. Want to become more cultured and learned over your summer holiday but don’t want to go to school?  Well don’t worry, the Springville Museum of Art offers several free concerts, tours and relaxing days in the sculpture garden.  For more information go to smofa.org.

23. Dive into the depths of the sea by visiting the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. The student tickets are eight dollars, and you can see exotic creatures from all around the world as well as participate in penguin encounters and stingray feedings.  At the aquarium there is some splashing fun for everyone.

24. The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center is a center that provides an opportunity for students to participate in space simulation.  They have five ships and participants can go on several missions.  The center is open to the public usually until 9pm.

25. Thanksgiving Point is known for many of its activities, but did you know that it is the biggest dinosaur museum in the United States?  Enjoy the T-Rex, hands on exploration and lectures by archeologists.

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