Jun 27, 2012

Summer Dating

By: Amberly Asay

“Summer loving happened so fast,” and time seems to continually move faster and faster. Time together is precious and on lazy summer nights it is good to go back to the slower times together.


Have a delicious date night focused on all the things you loved as a child.  Start your evening with a lemonade stand selling your fresh squeezed, delicious lemonade (see page for helpful hints on making lemonade) for just a few cents per cup. Once you sell the lemonade be sure to divide the pennies evenly among the two of you.


Have a romantic picnic on top of a building or at your favorite park eating: grilled cheese, fresh fruit and popsicles. These summer foods you ate as a child, will soon become your favorite again.  If you want to make it a candle light picnic bring some candles, and roast starbursts and fruit snacks (another childhood favorite) over the flames. If you’re on top of a building, be sure you don’t violate any fire codes or safety rules.


As the stars come out get next to a fire or wrap smores in tin foil and cook in the oven. Then, eat your smores under the calm summer sky.  With clear weather and a wonderful date, reminiscing childhood memories and the stars above, this delicious date could never go wrong…unless it rains of course.

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